YIY Training and Consulting is dedicated to providing the best and most comprehensive training for your Security Officers.

Whether you choose to send your security guards to our campus for training, or you contract us to provide individual or group training at your place of business, YIY will ensure your officers have the skills, experience, confidence and the qualifications today’s Security Industry demands.

We offer the following Training programs:

1. Unarmed 8-hour BSIS approved Power to Arrest training course for new Security Guards seeking licensing with the State of California.

2. Unarmed 20-hour BSIS approved Power to Arrest certificate classes for new guards seeking to become licensed Security Guards in the state of California, which would include the following:

  • Power to Arrest
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • The Law and the Security Officer
  • Customer/Client Relations
  • Observation, Documentation
  • Communication
  • Foot Patrol
  • Car Patrol
  • Incident Report
  • Daily Activity Report (D.A.R.)

3. Unarmed 40-hour BSIS approved continuing education for existing guards, as required by BSIS, which would include the following:

  • Power to Arrest 
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction/Chemical Agents 
  • Liability and Legal Aspects 
  • Public Relations and Customer Service 
  • Observation and Documentation -Communication and Its significance 
  • Search and Seizure -Securing a Crime Scene 
  • Crowd Control and Driver Safety 
  • Handling Disruptive Persons and Officer Safety 

We offer customized training to meet your specific needs and goals. We have day and evening sessions for your convenience, and at reasonable, cost-effective rates.

Custom workshops are available for half day or full day on weekends only, and can be tailor-designed to your specification. All our Workshops are customer-focused and include real case scenarios, role-playing, team-building exercises, as well as professional communication and documentation techniques, legal liability issues, and professional ethics.

Call us at (209) 416-5110 or email us now to get started: