Unarmed 40-hour BSIS approved Continuing Education

security guard training
Unarmed 40-hour BSIS approved Comprehensive Security Officer Training Certificate Program for new students who seek comprehensive training, preparation, and Licensing.

Students enrolled in this comprehensive training program must complete all 7 modules and will receive a Certificate of Completion for each course upon successful completion with a grade of C or better.

The graduate of this Comprehensive program will be eligible for a Security Guard license from BSIS as well as Job Placement with Security Companies in their area.

Current security officers already working in the field of security but seeking to complete the minimum 32 hours of Continuing Education, (as required by BSIS) can pick the modules they need and pay for each course separately.

The security officer will receive a certificate for each course successfully completed with a grade of C or better.

Module 1: Introduction to Security-the Law and the Security Officer

Module 2: Power to Arrest/Weapons of Mass Destruction/Chemical Agents

Module 3: Report Writing/Detail Scheduling/Securing the Crime Scene

Module 4: Legal Aspects of Security-The Law of Search and Seizure

Module 5: Handling Disruptive Persons and Officer Safety

Module 6- Public Relations, Observations, Documentation, Communication and Its Significance

Module 7-Crowd Control, Parking Traffic, Airport Traffic, Driver Safety, Trespassing, Campus/Industrial Security

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Total 40-hour training program Fees=$665.00

Free: Resume building, Interviewing techniques and job placement.

*Total training tuition does not include the $64.00 Livescan fee required for finger printing with the Police Department and the FBI background check, or the $50.00 BSIS Application fee, which the students must submit with their application to BSIS.

*Total Livescan and BSIS application fee=$114.00

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