About Us

YIY Training & Consulting Services offers a full spectrum of training for workforce learning and development professionals.

We have a combined twenty years of experience in the Security industry, teaching all aspects of Security with a comprehensive curriculum that’s designed to meet the needs of today’s Security Officers, as required by the State of California and the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.

We provide hands-on training in intimate classroom settings, combining lectures with classroom exercises and workshops, focusing on real scenarios to give you the necessary experience to work as a confident and experienced professional, ready for any security detail and assignment.

Our instructors are Security professionals who understand the demands of our industry and what it takes to meet those demands.

Our first-rate training will provide you with the comprehensive knowledge, experience, confidence and the skills you need to become a security professional that’s in-demand, well-paid and valuable employee, who is an asset to any security organization that offers economic stability, career longevity and benefit packages.

We have a large network of employers who hire from our pool of graduates, with the confidence that our students are the best trained in the industry.

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