Thursday, May 2, 2013

Welcome to YIY Training and Consulting Services

security guard training
YIY Training and Consulting Services was established in response to the demands of the security industry for well-trained, experienced Security Officers who are facing challenging issues in today’s complex society.

The trend in Job growth for the Security Industry has been consistently on the rise for the last five decades due to numerous job openings which stem from faster than average employment growth, driven by the demand for increased security and from the need to replace those who retire and leave this large occupation each year. 

Opportunities for advancement are good for those who make a career in security. Guards with post-secondary education often have an advantage in securing supervisory positions. Guards with management skills may open their own contract security guard agencies. Guards can also move to an organization that needs higher levels of security, which may result in more prestige or higher pay, which is what YIY Training and Consulting focuses on. 

With our one-on-one training, you will be the most well-trained and in-demand security officer in the industry.

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